Pippa Mackie is a Vancouver based actor, writer and producer. Born and raised in Vancouver, Pippa started her professional acting career at the age of 10. At 17, she was accepted into the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting Program in 2006. She moved to Montreal and trained in theatre for 3 years under some of the world’s most revered acting, movement and vocal coaches. After graduating, she moved back to Vancouver and has been working ever since.

Select film/tv credits:

Christmas Solo – Charlotte (Lead) – Christie Will Wolf/Pender Prods.

Murder She Baked: Movie 5 – Principal – Kristoffer Tabori/Hallmark

You Me Her – Jules (Principal) – Sara St. Onge/ eOne

The Magicians (Ep. 210)- Principal – Joshua Butler/SYFY

The Romeo Section (Ep.207) – Principal – Anne Wheeler/CBC Television

#Roxy – Bronwyn (Supporting Lead) – Michael Kennedy/Super Channel

Van Helsing (Ep.110) – Peggy (Principal) – Simon Barry/SYFY

Dead Cold (MOW) – Kim (Principal) – Johnny McCarthy/SYFY

Lucifer (Ep. 104) – Principal – Tim Matheson/FOX television

The Man in the High Castle (Ep.108) – Principal – Karyn Kusama/Amazon Studios

Hell on Wheels – Tess (recurring) – Various/AMC Television

The 100 (Ep.216) – Principal – Dean White/CW Network

Showtime/Warner Bros. – role of P.A. – ‘Roadies’ written & directed by Cameron Crowe; producer J.J.Abrams

Hallmark Channel – principal role of Amy – ‘Garage Sale Mystery’ – directed by Peter DeLuise

The CW – Mount Weather Teen – ‘The 100’ – directed by Dean White

The CW – role of Colette – ‘Supernatural’ – directed by John MacCarthy

Motion 58 productions – role of Delilah – ‘Wait for Rain’ – directed by Kyle Rideout (winner of best Sci Fi/ Fantasy film at Comic Con Film Fest)

Cartoon Network – Principal – ‘Level Up’ – directed by Peter Lauer

USA Network – legal aid – ‘Psych’ – directed by Andy Berman

USA Network – Drive Through Attendant – ‘Psych’ – directed by Andy Berman

Select theatre credits:

Rumble Theatre – ‘Titus Bouffonious’ by Colleen Murphy directed by Stephen Drover

Arts Club Theatre Company – ‘Gordon’ written and directed by Morris Panych

Gateway Theatre – ‘the Grandkid’ directed by Natasha Nadir

‘Sylvia’ directed by Johnna Wright

‘Annie’ the musical directed by Johnna Wright

Blackbird Theatre – ‘Don Juan’ directed by John Wright

Belfry Theatre – ‘Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet’ directed by Ron Jenkins

Pi Theatre – ‘Terminus’ directed by Richard Wolfe

Staircase XI Theatre – ‘Hunter Gatherers’ directed by Ryan Gladstone

Green Thumb Theatre – ‘Wired’ directed by Patrick MacDonald

The Escape Artists – ‘Miss Shakespeare/J. Caesar’ directed by James MacDonald

Nominations & Awards:

  • Jessie Awards Best Actor Small Theatre Nomination for ‘B’ in Terminus (Pi Theatre)
  • Featured Artist on the cover of the Georgia Straight 2013
  • ‘Ones to Watch’ featured Actor for 2013 (Vancouver Sun)

– Winner The Vancouver Fringe Award for Innovation (for the play she co-wrote/produced/starred ‘Industry: the Food Must Go Out’)

– Winner of the Vancouver Pick of the Fringe for the show she co-wrote/starred ‘The Progressive Polygamists’

Writing Credits:

SHE- The Untitled Feminist (Full length) – In development

Deer Harper – (produced at 2015 Pull Festival) – One Act

co-writer: INDUSTRY: the Food Must Go Out – (2014 Fringe Festival) – Full Length (5 star/sell out)

Truance – (optioned by Sociable Films) – Feature Length Film

Ketchup – (produced at 2014 Pull Festival) – One Act

Co-writer: The Progressive Polygamists – (award winning touring show) – Full Length (next production at the Cultch

Protest Pie – (produced at 2013 Pull Festival) – One Act

Bait – (produced at 2012 Pull Festival) – One Act


– Pippa was recently appointed an Artistic Associate with Pi Theatre and curator of the controversial play reading series ‘Lost Words’ conceived by her and Jeff Gladstone. Stay tuned for the first night of wild frivolity at the Emerald on August 11, 2015

– Pippa’s show Industry: the Food Must Go Out will have a re-mounted production in October, produced by Theatre Wire (Vancouver Fringe’s newest expansion)

– Hanna in Tracey Power’s new musical ‘Miss Shakespeare’ in May 2015

– Pippa will appear in Oscar Winner Cameron Crowe’s pilot ‘Roadies’ co-produced by J.J.Abrams



“Morris Panych, who directed Mackie in his play, Gordon, told The Sun, “Pippa is awesome; a very inventive and very intuitive actor. She makes herself available to the creative process and is completely engaged. And she’s funny, and observant. And a little bit cruel – in only the best way.”

https://www.straight.com/arts/fall-arts-preview-pippa-mackie-learns-harness-her-energy “If you’re lucky, you saw that show at the Firehall this June or at last summer’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival, and you know how winning Mackie’s combination of confidence and comic sensibilities can be.” – Colin Thomas


“Pippa Mackie’s great restraint is perhaps most evident in the opening scenes, as she builds her portrayal of Pam line by line, beat by straight-laced beat into a modern marvel of restrained moderation, until the audience knows surely something is going to blow. When it does, Mackie delivers in bombshell fashion.” – Review Vancouver

“It’s hard to keep your eyes off Pippa Mackie who plays Pam, the sweetly naive spouse who has the biggest epiphany of the evening, with a transformation that is simply astounding to witness. When she is called upon to cry, she cries. When she is called upon to be hysterical, she walks the edge. When she is called upon to have an orgasm, she puts Meg Ryan in her place.” – See more at: http://vancouverpresents.com/theatre/theatre-review-hunter-gatherers-bloody-brilliant/#sthash.SNLwdd2P.dpuf

“Mackie steals the show, getting laughs and giggles practically every time she moves and speaks,” –Review Vancouver http://www.reviewvancouver.org/th_sylvia12.htm

“Mackie makes Abby funny but never silly, volatile as teens can be but very likeable. If you wanted any kind of teenager living in your basement, she’d be the kind you’d want.” – the Province

“Pippa Mackie is a powerhouse in the role of Hannah, the bastard child who manages to insert herself into the merry band of female actors”   – See more at: http://vancouverpresents.com/theatre/theatre-review-miss-shakespeare-takes-aim-feminism-arts/#sthash.Iga3AHLM.dpuf